If you’re looking for an editor, I’m here to help. Every written work benefits from an extra set of eyes to help with content editing and proofreading. I work with long-form fiction, nonfiction, academic and scholarly writing, websites, video games, interactive fiction games, table-top games, and short stories.


  • Proofing – Proofing includes small edits for grammar, spelling, coherence and other mechanical issues. Proofing will include checking citations against your chosen manual of style.
  • Content Editing – Content editing involves reading through a work for pacing, consistency, and large-scale structural issues.
  • Index – Indexing includes finding relevant information about a term even when the term itself is not present. I will read through the work, suggest index terms and index them for your work. Indexing will include discussions with the author about their field.
  • Writing Coaching – Writing Coaching includes aspects of project management, discussing the intentions behind a project, how to meet those intentions, help with project research, and other specialized services based on the unique project.
  • Other Services – Would you like something done that is not listed here? Contact me, and we will discuss your needs.

Please note that if you would like help with a school paper I will need written permission from your professor or appropriate administrator. I would like to know the service I’m providing is appropriate for your course.